One or Multivendor (only booking for now) Marketplace

Hi y’all,

Thinking in help someone with a project and wonder if a small marketplace for can rental can be developed with Webflow.

It doesn’t have to include all the features to start but at least allow people to list items and users to book or reserve without any payment/charges during the booking.

The only need that required a charge is a small fee up front for the person that create the listing, kind of a classified listing.

I know that ideally it will need a database for sign up/sign in so users can list items, check the account etc but for now, a form to list can be good enough.

Here are some examples and probably you are familiar with it:

Any comments/feedback will be appreciated.


Hey @carlos94587.
Foxy can definitely help with some of this. I’d love the opportunity to chat about your specific needs. Hit me up at your convenience.


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Hey @carlos94587 + @foxy

I’m looking to do something very similar. What did you find out? I’d be so grateful for any help.


Hi @Ashley_Barker.
Thank you for getting in touch. If you haven’t already, please email us your Webflow Read-only Link and details on your specific needs. We’ll get you pointed in the right direction.