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Vacation Rental Site With Webflow E-commerce

I’m wanting to create a Vacation Rental site using the Webflow E-commerce and CMS. Would this be viable way to do this being its not a product but a service?

Would this work to do direct bookings right on my site using weblow payment integrations?


Getting payments would fine but you have to deal with both availability and value calculations for the period concerned. Webflow doesn’t have the ability to work this stuff out. you would need to embed a booking app widget in the property CMS item… maybe

Hi @AdventureLifestyle.
With Foxy’s seamless integration with Webflow, what you’re after is possible. In fact, we’ve helped other Webflow users with similar needs:

  • Manage available and booked rentals entirely in Webflow
  • Automatically update rentals after each booking
  • Automatically show/hide rentals based on your own criteria
  • Get paid how you want with the support of over 100 gateways
  • and more…

We’re more than happy to put together a demo, hop on a phone/Skype call, or answer any questions you may have. Feel free to PM or email:


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What if I have other reservations coming from Airbnb, Trip Advisor, etc…

I would need vacation rental software or some time of main booking engine or calendar that syncs all marketing channels right?

Or can Foxy manage my entire calendar or just reservations made directly on webflow?


Hi Curt.
To confirm, Foxy doesn’t actually manage any reservations, but acts as the middle man for payments and sending data to other services. With webhooks, Zapier, and/or APIs you should be able to keep the data in sync.

Just depends on what you want to consider the main hub. But you’d probably want that to be Webflow since you’ll need to be able to hit against bookings to confirm what’s available on the front end for customers.

Hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.


Hey check out MakerPad (by @bentossell) , they have a tutorial for making an AirBNB clone in Webflow: