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No-Code for Reservation / Booking System for Hotels

Hi! I want to know for the No-Code that you’re using for the reservations or booking system. Thank you for helping!

Webflow provides an integrations section on the university. Good place to start.

Thank you Jeff! Do you recommend For booking? Or do you know any recommended platform for bookings.

I do not have an opinion on this resource but a glance (its running on Webflow) does not highlight your use case. Reach out to them.

When clients come to me for technical guidance I start by asking for a business requirements document. Then a functional specification based on the business requirements. If they don’t have the latter I offer professional services to provide one. Then the vendor selection process can begin. That way the client can be confident that they will be able to evaluate solutions that meet or don’t meet the requirements and make a decision. Sorry, but I don’t provide these services for free.

Maybe other members of the forums will be able to jump in and offer experience with suitable products. :slight_smile:

Hi @jayaranda,

Just a quick tip to look for when choosing booking or scheduling:

Of course the idea is to add a feature that automates, or makes it easier to work with clients. And there are plenty of really good apps to accomplish this. However, I would look for one that works best for YOUR financial setup and needs. There’s nothing worse than getting a system for booking or scheduling, only to need a separate solution for getting paid.

Make sure the booking/ scheduling application integrates nicely with your current financial system. If you use Paypal and the app only uses Skrill. Now you have to create multiple steps to get paid. If the app uses Balanced, and you use Stripe, then you have problem. Which can extend your payment process significantly.

Not every booking app handles this well. It’s basically an Ecommerce back-end process. You know what I mean, it’s very similar to that level of platform. I would make sure the booking app has done a good job of integrating multiple payment solutions into the scheduling process. It makes it easier for you to charge for services during the final step. Which puts a value on your time and forces a more serious commitment!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Have fun - G.J.

Hi @jayaranda.
Josh with Foxy here. With our seamless Webflow integration, you can accept bookings, sell addons, and more, all inside of Webflow:

Depending on your specific needs, we may be a good fit. Please don’t hesitate to email us with details on your use case and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction: