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Old redirect bug wont let me view live page?

I have a page called “creators” which should link to “

However, in the process, I renamed it and added it to a folder called creators in an effor to have a prettier URL for the sign up link. I undid it and now the website won’t load, I can’t view the live site anywhere. I’ve removed the redirect in the project settings and typing in the address directly won’t let me view it either. How do I fix this?

To clarify you mean SITE won’t load, not just that page, yes?

Is this the case when you use a separate browser instance or another device?

Have you ruled out
Browser cache (test different browsers)
Project recovery states (does it redirect in previous recovery state?)
Any Redirect JS in header?
Any redirects is project settings hosting?
Any redirects on cloud flare or server side or dns side?
Do you have google optimize, CEO or optimize Lou or GTM installed with some sort of redirect rules?

Post your 301 check results, how many paths from remote server?

Do you have any weird w*ldcard rules on redirect?

Are both your non-www and/or www not resolving?

Do you have expired ssl?

Can Google Lighthouse scan your website and return a score?

Etc the more we now the faster can resolve.

all other pages load, just only the page wont load, which was caused by some naming bug when I deleted the site. I named a folder “creators” and put the /creators/ page inside that folder, so when I deleted it caused a problem. Right now it redirects from to

The page loads on firefox (thanks for the tip, wouldve never thought cache would be an issue) so I’ll delete cache and report back.

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