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Og:url redirecting to homepage data

I am having an issue where a client’s blogpost is showing up as the homepage OG data instead of the blog-specific info, and it only is affecting the most recent post.

It seems to have started after I manually edited in other default OG information (og:type og:url missing) into the header code of the entire site and even upon removal of the code, it still persists.

I tried deleting and reposting the blog post and it is still giving me the same issue. I also did what was suggesting here and it is still giving me the same problem.

How can I fix this?
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try rescrapping your data:

Rescrapped it and put it in to header code for the entire site - still giving me the same error.

Sorry for the double post but I am really needing to get this fixed ASAP.

Sorry for the delayed response.

try removing this from your site wide custom code:


Removed it, unfortunately I am still receiving the same OG preview of the homepage.