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Open Graph Blog Image Not Showing on Facebook


I shared a couple of blogposts on FB a couple of months ago and it worked fine.

Now the image shared on Facebook is empty. See screenshot here:

What can I do to have the images back up again? Now the posts look silly on FB with no thumbnail.

Also, when I try to re-share the same image, the OG info that comes up is of the entire website, not the OG info about that particular blog post. How do I make sure the share info will be the same as what I’m sharing?

Here is my public share link:

Hi @Clarinta

Have you tried to empty your Facebook cache?
There can be something that is still loading and by cleaning that up you’re get a new, fresh cache.

Head over to:
Enter your URL and press “Debug”. See if that helps :slightly_smiling:

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the reply. Nope, it doesn’t work either.

When I enter the blogpost to debug, the Open Graph seems to suggest the entire website, not the blog post itself. See here:

Not sure what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @Clarinta, here is what I see from the FB debug:

When I took a peek at the Blog Post template, there are no open graph settings for the blog post template:

It seems the open graph settings are coming from the OG tags set on site settings. I would update the Open Graph fields in the page settings for the Blog Post template page

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