CMS Blog Post Open Graph Image Not Working

After setting the Open Graph image to pull from the main image of the CMS blog post, there is a bug that overrides that setting and sets the OG image for all blog posts as the main homepage image.

I’ve used Facebook debugger and again, it shows the homepage OG image and not the CMS main image for the blog posts.

What’s going on here?


Hi @dsgnr

We had an issue with the OG image yesterday, but we’ve since pushed a fix.

Can you please try refreshing the Designer, republishing, and testing the OG image again? If you are using the facebook debugger tool you should be able to re-scrape and see the correct OG image.

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply.

Yeah it still says og:url, og:type is missing in the debugger…defaults to homepage image.

What site is this issue occurring on? Can you please try clearing your cache and let me know if that resolves the issue?

Lethal Lash Beauty website, cache has been cleared a bunch, this is an on going problem for months. Different browsers/devices for publishing the site, and client still sees main OG when posting blog posts to Facebook.

Hi @dsgnr, can you help to share the link to the published site page that is reporting the incorrect OG image?


Thanks for sharing that link @dsgnr.

I did some testing on this end and it looks like this bit of custom code is causing the issue:

Any link you share from your site is being overridden by the href you have set here which will show the home page OG image and description. Once I removed this bit of custom code, I was able to see the correct OG info for blog posts tested with the facebook debugger tool:

thanks @Brando , I didn’t know that would effect the OG info.

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