Offset alignment to container

I’m trying to build a layout where the div is aligned to the container to its left and full width to the browsers width on right, but the text to fit within the containers width. Can someone help me figure out how to do that on webflow, please?

Here’s the mockup of what I’m looking for, the white section at the bottom is what I need help with:

Here is my site Read-Only:
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This is going to pose a challenge if you are using the built in container so I’d suggest applying a % padding to each section and then apply the same left margin to the white div. Then you can add a right padding of the same % inside that div. Does that make sense?

Another option is to just put a white div with absolute positioning wherever you want it but it will get weird with responsiveness for either of these options. I’d not recommend this kind of design for a responsive site.

Thank you so much for the suggestion! I’ve tried with %s earlier, it’s going off course on larger screens. But I’ve changed things around and that worked.

Earlier I used a container, stylized and placed all the text in it, which limited the need to go beyond the frame from the get go. So now I used a div, placed this container in it and applied a 90° linear gradient with transparent white on one stop and a solid white on another. That did the trick!

And I do agree for the responsiveness, I’ll have to think of something for that. But thank you again for helping.