Odd link appearing in my Google analytics data

I recently updated a website and I am seeing an odd link in Google analytics. I just saw I forgot to put the link to the home page in the navbar, so I’m hoping that is it. Can anyone confirm or help me figure out where all this traffic is going?


Is this hosted with Webflow, or did you export it to host it elsewhere?

Hosted with Webflow. Domain is google.

That page is coming up as a 404. Which section of Analytics are these numbers coming from? Is that overall visits? Entrances?

Yeah, that’s what I saw too. Looks like I might be getting spammed like this person. Same web domain is referring. https://community.cloudflare.com/t/traffic-from-auto-seo-service-com-source/29338


Ah ha! Yeah that was going to be my next question, whether or not it’s referral traffic. That stuff ends up being 99.9% spam.

Do I need to address it? Will it be a problem? Or should I just ignore it?

You can safely ignore it. There are ways to create filters that will make it not show up as traffic at all, but if you’re the only one looking at it and you KNOW that it’s there, that would probably be unnecessary. It is also usually fly-by-night temporary from different spammy domains, so it’s a pain to keep up with.

For now, our best approach is to seethe internally with hatred for spambots that make it difficult to use Google Analytics productively.

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