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Fake website visits?

Hey what’s up Webflow forum. I seem to be having some sort of odd occurance happening with the visits to my website and I’m a bit worried it’s going to lock my website out with my current plan and it’s alottment of monthly visitors (100,000 per month)

I’m currently on the CMS hosting plan and published my site about 2 hours ago, and my hosting dashboard says I already have 13,000+ visitors with 883 unique visitors. I’m kind of worried this trend might continue and use up my 100,000 monthly visitor alottment on my plan.

My website isn’t known to anyone. The link isn’t posted anywhere btw so I’m not sure what’s up with Webflow visitor reporting system.

Any ideas or advice to what’s going on.

Thank you!

  • Nicl

@Nick_Roy the counter in your webflow account isn’t accurate at all. I honestly don’t know what webflow uses to determine how many visitors you’ve had. It probably isn’t that built-in counter, it’s very fraud. Whether it counts a whole bunch of bots or randomly mis-counts I don’t know but it’s not accurate at all. You can always reach out to support if this is a concern.

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Use Cloudflare to protect your site.

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