Can't Redirect URL

I can’t get redirects working. I’m trying to migrate from WordPress to Webflow. The most critical thing I need is to be able to use the same URLs from WordPress. If I can’t do that, I can’t migrate my site. So, I bought the CMS plan because it has redirects. I configured the redirect, and when I hit the Url, I get a 404 error.

Let’s start with the original article:

I created a new version of it here in Webflow. You can see the working URL.

Aside from the domain name, the original URL is “/2022/04/24/code-rules/” and the page I created in Webflow has a slug of “code-rules”. So, I created a redirect from one to the other. This seems straightforward enough. Here is what I configured.

But, the redirect does not work. When I hit the URL, I get a 404. This is the URL

This is what I see

Another thing to note. This article suggests that I should include the full domain name in the redirects and that domain name should not start with a slash.
You can that in this image here:

But, the redirect config forces you to put a slash in front.

Can someone please help me to get this redirect working? If I can’t use the same URLs, this migration is dead in the water.


I got it working. The main thing I needed to do was publish my website.

This redirect is working fine: