Notification e-mails for multiple forms


I’m creating a page with many different forms for different porpuses, like a contact form, a newsletter form, a lead generation form, a report channel, and so on.

They will have different fields.

The notiffication template will need to have all the fileds? Or is it possible to create different templates for each forms?


Hi @vitormfs :slight_smile: Yes, you can create as many different forms as you want.

If you’re looking to build more complicated forms, I’d suggest using and embedding your forms in your Webflow project.

Hope this helps

Hey @PixelGeek, i understand that I can make multiple forms. My questions is towards the notiffications e-mail that I’ll send my team to handle them.

For instance: our lead generation forms asks name, e-mail, phone and it’s for him/her or his/hers company.

The repot channel forms will have much more as user identification, witch company he would like to report, date of the ocurrance, a descreption of what happend to report, and so on.

In the notification template will I have to input all forms fields or can I create a notification templeate for each form?

Edit: i’ve changed the tittle for a better understanding

You can add all the fields as a group in the body of the notification email. Webflow only allows one template. See Form submissions | Webflow University