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Several webflow forms in my site

Hi ! I need 2 webflow forms on my project. But how do I have several forms on the site “forms”? I can’t see a buttom where I can choose form number 2 or 3…
Could anybody help me!

Thanks a lot!!

Hi @neanea6060,

Can you try to rephrase your question? I could not understand the problem. Maybe take some screenshots as well? and share a read-only link with us?

her is a printscreen, - I can only see I have option to do one form. But somebody told me I could do severals forms on webflow?!24

You can have as much forms as you like.
What you see on this section is the notification you will receive. This will be sent to only one email address.

If you need more, you can use Zapier for that.

Zapier? what is that?
I have heard I can do several webflow forms, - is that not correct?

I added a link to Zapier, take a look. Google can help learning about it. Generally, it is a platform that connect actions from different parts of the web.

And yes, as I also wrote: you can have several forms in any project. what you can not have is a custom notification settings that sends email about one form, to one email address, and another email about a different form to a different email address.

OH, that is great that I can have several forms with webflow.
I don’t need custom notification.
thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: