Notification Div on Users First Visit or Until Dismissed

Hey all,

I wanted to add a piece to a webflow site I run where I could put a bug/notification icon over a button when the user first loads the page to catch their attention and let them know it’s a new link.

After a user has visited or dismissed I would like the icon/div/bug to go away.

Any ideas?? I would like to bug a user again whenever I’ve updated links. Any thoughts or ideas on this? Anyone out there doing this?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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In general:

You’ll need to output the published datetime to a hidden div for each dynamic item, and use JavaScript cookies to get/set the last visited time of the user, run through the list and compare the last visited time with the items, then display the notification icons for the newer posts. If you want the user to physically dismiss the notification, then it gets more difficult as you have to store an array (list) of all the dismissed item IDs.

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