Hidde "News" button after clicking it

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How can I hide the “news” button until the end of the session? As I navigate within the website, the button will no longer appear since I already clicked it. When I check Facebook notifications, once I have checked it won’t appear again unless there are new notifications to check.

Here is an example I am trying to replicate. They have a small red button that disappears once you click on it and only appears again if you close and reopen the website. https://eu.akris.com/

Here is my website: Webflow - Platforme

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Hi @Janne_Souza,

Yeah that’s code trigger that looks at the cookie from that session. It’s a Shopify blog page inside the Akris theme. You could do something similar using the CMS and a switch that triggers when a new article is added or updated. Then add an interaction to only show one click. But set it to show again on page load.

But affecting cookies would require custom code, mostly likely a javascript snippet. It’ll take an in-depth search to find that type of trigger.

Hope that helps - G.J.

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