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Hi guys,

Hope everyone is having a good day. I just had a quick question about the security of pages.

So I’ve created a checkout page for my website and have placed two forms for people to fill out their credit card details.

I’ve tried testing filling out the forms myself and have noticed as soon as I start typing, Google Chrome indicates that my page is “Not Secure”.

Here’s what it looks like:

Is there anyway of making sure that the “Not Secure” button popping up?

I’ve been trying to figure out SSL to remove it but I’m having complications of Google Domains. If you’ve seen any guides on how to fix SSL it would be much appreciated.

Thanks a bunch guys!

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@norvin_mago have you tried following our SSL custom domain setup guide for Google Domains.

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Finally fixed it guys!

Just needed to change the DNS settings and set my “www” site as the default one and publish.

I’ve never used these technical computer words before but eventually got it after trial and error.

I followed these steps guideline starting from “Step 3”

Thanks for the help!

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