Your connection to this site is not secure

Hi Everyone,

For some reason I am getting this notification from chrome on my site and it won’t let me setup an SSL successfully. To the left is the notification, and to the right is my DNS Settings. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Have you enabled SSL hosting in the dashboard? When you do it will instruct you to update the DNS records for your site.

Quick side tip: The 1hr TTL you have set for your domain (both @ and www) is really long - if possible, I would set it to no more than 300 seconds.

Thanks @nathan

The lowest I can go to is 1/2 hour through godaddy. I will bring it down, when I did that and changed the records the same issue happened, so i brought it back.

when I did that and changed the records the same issue happened

When you made the changes to the DNS records, they won’t become visible to you for an hour since that is how long the DNS responses will be cached for.

If you make the changes and you then visit the site from another computer you should see the changes.

Thanks I’ll try that,

I expected the same result as another website I setup that was immediate.

Although I would still like to find out why my website is coming up as insecure, which is separate from any ssl.