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Not receiving form submissions

Hi, just made a quick landing page that has a newsletter form on it and all looked ok but when you enter your name and email it sats “success” but the info never comes through to the address I’ve specified in the Webflow settings.

Any ideas what i’m doing wrong?


You should be getting emails for your form submissions. Are you sure you have your email in the Forms tab set?


Yep filled out the notification settings, checked junk mail, tried a different email address and still no luck.

I’m having the same qualm guys

hi guys any update on this? Bit of a problem…

Sorry about that guys! We’re looking into it!

Are you guys receiving submissions in your Forms tab? Or are you just not receiving emails? Or both?

Hey @spacewood your form is broken because you somehow removed the Form element out of the Form Wrapper. Can you recreate the form by dropping a new Form Block onto the page and try that? That should fix it.

Since you created your form we made it impossible to break it (it was too easy before we made these changes). Let me know if this works for you!

Hey @thesergie that worked a treat! Thanks for all the help