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Form submission notifications are not being sent

Hello guys, i have been working with webflow for a couple of years now, and I found a pretty much annoying issue about the forms, sometimes emails are being sent, sometimes they don´t. Just figured that out after setting up a new form and trying it out but no email is being received, anyone has had this issue before? it´s the first time I got this…

The success message is shown, wich tells me that the form is working, but no email, however, the email is listed in the FORMS section in the page settings. Any idea?

the site is

The general forms for that site work. This one works rarely, sometimes i receive it, sometimes I don´t

By the way, the site is

Hi @David_Di_Pasquale - I took a peek at your site and submitted the form. It shows up in the form data table in your site settings:

Can you check to see if you received a form notification to your emails? Showing sent in our logs:

Aug 04 11:36:17 web01c default: [info] [New form submission on INJAZ UNIVERSAL] sent to [,]

Hi, I just received that exact e-mail, as i said, some of them i receive, some others are not, i have 2 hours trying from different devices and locations and IP´s and i can get some of those e-mails, but not from others. Can you try a couple of times again to see if there is a possibility that the e-mails are being blocked since it´s the same IP address sending those? Maybe a spam filter or something?

Ok, I will try again. In the meantime, please keep very careful notes on the device/browser/location/ip/etc on the form submission end and the results you get in your inbox. This will be super useful for debugging.

re the spam folder: usually this is the culprit. Our logs show the form processing data, emails being sent, and form data being stored in your webflow dashboard. Outside of this, it’s largely due to spam and other filters blocking the email from reaching it’s intended destination.

Understand!, thank you very much will.

why am I on this thread?

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