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Forms not working

I have set up a form on my site, added my email address in the site settings, but am not receiving any email when i try and test the form.

Any ideas folks ?

Hey @lewisusauk sorry to hear that! What’s your subdomain? I’d like to see what’s wrong.

@thesergie Thanks for the help. it’s

Hi @lewisusauk it seems like some of the form structure elements got moved around. You somehow dragged your “Form Wrapper” element into your “Form” element. What I would do is drag and drop a new Form Block into that column you have and recreate the those form fields.

We’re working on making forms a lot easier to use so there’s no chance of them breaking like this. Thanks for your patience!

@thesergie Thanks - that fixed it !

Awesome! We just cleaned up our forms so it’s very hard to break them. :slight_smile:

Hello, now I have similar problem. I added mail form to the site and set up the e-mail address, but I am not receiving anything.