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Not receiving form submissions email-notifications?

Since customer support says they are answering within 1 business day, I need to ask here:

Anyone else having problem receiving email notifications when someone submits a form?

We have had this problem the past 2 hours, where some of our forms submissions reaches some recipients (very random). They all appear in the dashboard, but since our sales team is spread out and need to answer quickly this is a huge problem for us right now.


having the same issue. Tried changing the email address, with no luck.

Same here, one of my clients is missing bookings because of this, it is very random in what accounts form submissions are going to. It is absolutely unacceptable for them as a hospitality business to miss bookings in the current climate.

Yep I am having the same problem.

Forms is the achilles heal of webflow. For complex stuff just embed a jotforms form.

This is really simple bookings forms - name, date, time, number of guests etc. Nothing going to email accounts, it is extremely unacceptable. Not helped by a support chat bot on Webflow that asks for bank account details - that is some idiotic user experience.


I’m having the same problem, I’m not receiving any emails from my form but they are showing up in Webflow. This is really important.

I will have to quit Webflow if this continues!

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@WebDev_Brandon Have you seen this?

Having this issue sending to emails and slack. However, I am using Zapier to push webflow submissions to airtable, and that updates perfectly.

Would like to fix the slack issue though.

Hey all, yes there is an issue with the system that emails form submissions.

You can still access all of your form submissions through the Forms tab of your projects settings.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

Hi Brandon,

Can you please let us know when we can expect things to be working again? We’ve got a school website that just went live last week and the Absences forms submissions are not getting through. I don’t want to tell them that they have to download the CSV from the Editor to read messages from parents. It’s not a good look.


Having the same issue. Was working great, now not receiving emails from form submissions–and I’ve made no changes to the site. Like so many businesses, we depend on receiving sales leads through the forms so this needs to be a priority bug for Webflow to fix.

Having the same problem.

We are seeing something similar. After testing the forms yesterday afternoon, we did not receive any of the email notifications. Then at approximately 1am last night, they all showed up at once.

I run a company that has very experienced developers, but we are somewhat new to Webflow.
I’m now hesitant to move all our existing client projects here if this is typical. As many of you mentioned, email forms are a critical piece to many businesses, and if it’s unreliable, it doesn’t matter how pretty it is.

Is it typical for critical bugs to be reported in Webflow with no quick patch/solution released?

Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for being patient with us during this outage. The affected form submission email delayed sends appears to have been fixed from the providers end.

It has been tested by our team and therefore no more delays in emails submissions should occur.

However, like with anything dealing with 3rd party systems there could be outages again, please let us know if you are still experiencing any issues with delays to form submission email notifications.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

As a followup to the previous post,

We do hear your concern about this issue and others like it. We are currently discussing ways to make issues like this known to our community users. While the specifics of that notification are unknown as of yet, I do want to emphasize that we do hear you and that we want to make sure you are well aware of outages from our providers if and when they occur again.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

I love Webflow, but unfortunately this exact problem occurred August 10 for a day, with the exact same reason:

" Our engineering team did uncover an issue with a third party that was delaying notifications and so we were able to work that out very quickly. "

Following up to this post,

I had our team look into this date and it does appear that there was an even larger bottleneck of emails that were tied up on this date.

We are looking into ways to eliminate this issue for the future.

ETA is unknown at this time though.