Not a Stripe card error | Site plan billing

I am facing a weird error when paying for my site plan, which may be unpublished this week!

The error message is “Not a Stripe card”. What does this error even mean?

  • My credit card has funds
  • My credit card is active and enabled. I know because I paid for Bubble yesterday.
  • My bank is not rejecting the transaction. I know because I spoke to them, and they can’t even see the failed/rejected transaction in their logs.
  • I’ve tried several different credit cards, and Webflow is giving the same error
  • The same credit card has been used for the last 2 yrs on Webflow

I’ve submitted a ticket to the Webflow support team and haven’t heard back. And if the issue isn’t resolved soon, the site will be unpublished.

Does anyone know how to resolve it?

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Same error for me. May be its India specific

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I’m also facing the same issue on my debit and credit cards.