NOT A STRIPE CARD BUG - Cant upgrade ecommerce website or anything else!

Its been days that Im not being able to PAY Webflow for my new website. My other websites are processing the payment but when I try to upgrade my ecommerce to the basic plan (or anything as a matter of fact) I get the error: NOT A STRIPE CARD.

I tried changing other configurations and things and I keep getting this everytime I try to process my card. I changed cards and this error continues so its NOT my cards problem. I will need a refund of my ecommerce 79USD template if I cant use my website in Webflow as an ecommerce site.

Ive sent a ticket and havent gotten an answer yet. I cant wait anymore… I need this fixed or Ill have to check my rights with authorities because I feel scammed :(. I paid for a layout in order to configure an ecommerce and webflow is sabotaging me, please help :pray:t3: Obs: when I registered this card you guys made a USD 0,00 payment (sucessfull) as proof the card is online.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I have the same issue - “not a stripe card.”
Did you get a resolution @Rafael_Nasser ?

Same issue happening for me as well. No proper reply from webflow email support team and I’m afraid that my webflow website will be taken down as the grace period is approaching

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@Rafael_Nasser was this issue resolved? I am facing the same issue and no response from Webflow team

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Facing the same issue. Previously my Indian cards were working just fine. Checked the console and Webflow is throwing up this object:

Even I’m getting the same error. Doesn’t look like a temporary bug.

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Same error it’s 11th May and no response from Webflow. Just created a new site and this happens

I tried multiple times from us, Singapore and Indian cards. Business and personal. Same thing, no answer from webflow and critical deadline misses. How can the support be so poor

Really bad that support is not helping this issue and I hope websites are not being taken down

I’m getting a similar error, I can’t upgrade to e-commerce plan, I tried different cards and none is working. The support keep saying that is problem of the card but obviously isn’t since all of them work fine outside webflow.
Could you solve the situation in any way?