Unable to make payment in India

Anyone facing issues while making payment in India?

I wanted to purchase a new “site plan”, but it says there’s an issue with a new Reserve Bank of India regulation. Any alternative payment methods that I can follow from India?


I’m facing the same issue. Not sure when this would get resolved.
The team has provided a 28 day grace period.


Yep same here! Not sure what to do about it. :frowning_face:

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I have the same issue. Any tips for solution?

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They haven’t replied yet. For the time being, I’ve used a friend’s credit card from outside India. I don’t see any other viable solutions at this moment. The only payment method they offer is with a credit card.

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Hey guys, I was facing the same issue a month ago, have any updates come since then?

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I am facing the same issue and have tried 2 x Visa + 1 x AmEx but to no success.

Does anyone know if they have figured it out or is the only solution to get a CC from someone who is outside India?

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Even I am facing the same issue. I am unable to upgrade my account plan and am stuck with the free version. Any idea on when and how it will get solved?
Even if we workaround by using a foreign CC, if we build a site that accepts payments, will it work in India ?

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Facing the same issue! This is preposterous. Webflow should atleast take direct payments without saving the card, as the RBI guideline is around saving the card

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This is really a critical issue for us as Indian Webflow developers who are working for an Indian client.

Webflow Team, please share your update on this or at least the Net Banking option for Indian users to make a payment.

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Weird that there is no answer from Webflow Team here! Need this ASAP for myself and a big client. Now I am having second thoughts about using Webflow as this will be used by an Enterprise level client and I don’t want them to face such issues!

Any answer to this Webflow team?

Sad to see webflow still hasn’t solved this :pensive: