Checkout Problems Webflow doesn´t process the payment

Hello, recently I have had many problems in the configuration and the webflow technical support is very inefficient, the problem is that I connect my stripe account correctly, I have tried with 3 verified accounts but when doing the test to verify that everything is correct I get this error : “there was an error processing your customer info. please try again or contact us if you continue to have problems” I tried this with my published domain and with ssl activated, something curious is that I tried to process the payment but now with a checkout page in the subdomain of webflow

and the payment was processed correctly.

@ johnramos

Hi @Samuel_Olan,

Thank you for your patience here. Would you be able to provide the read-only link to the site? I couldn’t find the site from the URL’s in the images.

I’m also encountering the same issue and no matter what I try I continually get the same “There was an error processing your customer info. Please try again, or contact us if you continue to have problems.” I have reviewed everything in Stripe and followed all of the provided instruction to properly connect Webflow e-commerce to Stripe. It also seems that when I select “no shipping” for the section on the checkout page it appears as though it saved and was published, but if I refresh the page/designer and check, it shows that shipping is back on. Any help with information to correct this issue is much appreciated.

I have seen this problem posted across multiple forums, with no real solutions from Webflow & have experienced this myself on our e-commerce website. This sporadically happens, almost 5 times now (that I know of) for customers trying to check out on our website. Webflow told me it was “declined by the bank.” This is not true, as the customer is able to checkout successfully through PayPal & I had customers reach out to their banks. Also, it is SUCH an immediate response from the system it appears no time has passed for the transaction to even be sent to stripe.

I strongly feel Webflow & / OR the integrations team is lying about a bug in the stripe integration. I really do not want to have to switch my site to shopify because I love webflow, but the deception here is killing me which is why I am posting this publicly. Of course, we cannot support the chance that customers are unable to checkout, the absolute most important part of the website functionality.

@Webflow @johnramos . Please reach out to me if the integrations team is truthfully working on a solution to this problem so I can update this comment, continue using Webflow for years to come.

Thank You


@Samuel_Olan did you manage to resolve this… I am having the exact same issue! The card im using is the one that pays for Webflow and the website hosting so. I know it’s a legit card!

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I experienced the same issue on our webshop today as well, and was fortunate the customer let me know they had an issue via our chat integration. We’ve processed payments successfully in past days, and I just completed a successful payment myself.

What bugs me is that I have no idea whether this is a common error experienced by our customers (and the resulting impact it might have on our conversion %). Unlike a card declined error (where I receive a Stripe notification), I receive no error report for this particular issue.

Can someone from the Webflow team shine some more light on this issue? And also recommend ways of tracking this?


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@jschlafly , I have been facing the same issues but with Paypal integration.

Do you have solution?

I’m having an issue with my client’s website.

What is the solution? Anyone can help?


@roci - Try contacting support to resolve your issue.