Non www version to a www version / 301 redirection for new slug


I’m about to redirect my website (a Non-www version) to a www version : =>

I’ve seen that I can set a default domain to make this redirection, but what should I do for url with a new slug ?
Example : =>

Should I add a 301 redirection as well ?

If you have any extra tips to help my SEO for this case, I’m interested !

Thank you !

The way you’ve described your redirects, I’m guessing you’re upgrading and replacing a previous blog with a new Webflow-based blog site?

If so, yes-

  • build your new site, create all your content
  • activate hosting for your new site
  • change your DNS for your domain. This will point both and to your new Webflow site, and handle those redirects accordingly
  • now if you’d like to preserve linking for your blog entries, create your redirects under Webflow’s hosting. e.g. /old-blog-article-slug /blog/new-blog-article-slug


  • you’ll want to extract all of your old paths out of your old blog before you take it down. You may be able to export those paths directly from your old CMS, or else scrape a sitemap.xml, or else pull them from Google’s search index.
  • If you have a lot of articles, you don’t have to input these manually…
  • I usually create these types of redirect maps in e.g. Google Sheets, so they’re easy to adjust and edit. Next to each, you’d figure out the new mapping location you want.
  • Once you have that list, you can generate a CSV, and import it using Finsweet’s bulk import tool, which I believe is part of Finsweet’s Chrome extension.

If you link your old and new sites, I might be able to recommend the best approach.

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Thank you for your tips.

Actually, I’m replacing my old website (no www) by a new one with Webflow (with www), and I need to change some of my urls too (blog, contact page…).
FYI - we have to make this first redirection (no www version => www version) due to DNS issues with AWS.

I’m a bit confused here when you say :
“change your DNS for your domain. This will point both and to your new Webflow site, and handle those redirects accordingly”

=>do you avoid the redirection with the default domain ?

Thank you for your help !

Hi Camille,

If I’m reading right, I am understanding that you want…

  • To replace your old site entirely with your new one
  • To host your new Webflow website on Webflow’s hosting
  • To have both and both point to your new site

If that’s right, it’s easy - it doesn’t matter where your old site was hosted, or where your DNS is running. Webflow’s standard hosting configuration already handles that scenario, for example-

Both point to the same site.

The most basic Webflow config is-

  • Enable SSL ( it’s already on by default )
  • Configure your DNS with the 2 A records and the 1 CNAME record that Webflow gives you
  • Add your domain to Webflow
  • Let it confirm the DNS configuration
  • Set your www version as the “default” site
  • Publish
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