No more embeded/custom Code for CMS-Hosting?

Although I have a CMS-Hosting plan, I can not add the pagelet “embeded code” anymore? I get the error: “You need a paid plan to use this feature”. I tought, that this was possible last week?!?

UPDATE: Even custom code is not available anymore… I used this definitely last week! But now I’m not able to make any changes to this code…


Hello @Nine,

Can you double check you have this ?

@zbrah yes, I have:

Site Hosting Plans
This project currently has CMS Hosting.

Ok @Nine looks like a bug. Can you please share your site read only link ?

Don’t think it’s worth us spending time looking at individual sites. Seems like a global bug.

I’ve got the same. Emailed support a couple of hours ago, no response so far.

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I’ve got the same. Emailed support before I knew it was a global problem.

This morning when I wanted to modify my existing custom code for my website, when I pressed “Save Changes” I was led directly to the Account Plans page.

I’m currently on the Free plan, but I paid for a hosting solution on Webflow, so I think because of this I was able to create more than 2 pages and also write custom code.

Now, it seems I can no longer modify custom code. Any reasons why this is the case?

Hi guys,
We’re currently investigating - thanks for your patience!

We’ve fixed the issue for users on the Free Starter plan that have hosting enabled. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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