Booking-plugin for webflow?

Hi there!

I am looking into implementing a booking function to my website, but I am little lost.

With wordpress it is possible to buy a booking plugin, where you pay a one-time payment (like booknetic) and not monthly . Is something similar with webflow? I am kind of new to webflow and is unsure if webflow offers something similar to wordpress Plugin-“universe”.

Kind regards Maja

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Hi @Maja_Veis.
Josh with Foxy here. Depending on your specific needs, our seamless Webflow integration might be worth looking into:

  • Sell anything in Webflow (products, bookings, services, etc.)
  • Manage products/booking options with CMS
  • Block out booked dates/times from other customers (may require Zapier or Make)
  • Embed a customer portal
  • Connect to 100+ gateways
  • and more!

Feel free to send us details on your use case and needs and we’ll do our best to get you pointed in the right direction:


Hey Maja, I have never encountered a booking system with a one-off fee. Typically they have ongoing hosting costs, etc, so you pay a monthly fee.

Booking systems vary widely so depends a ton on the features you need.
At the simpler end of the spectrum Calendly is good and cheap.

As the number of locations, services and staff increase, so does booking complexity and the need for a solid back-end so the staff can manage hours, bookings, profiles etc.

I’ve built custom ones, and use GetTimely and SimplyBook as well. They’re… mid range. Capable only moderately customizable.

There area always new ones. You’ll probably need to explore.
I’d personally look a bit at this one, it seems to have a good free tier which is good for startup clients.

For specialist systems, Rezdy is good for tours, and there are some for venues and equipment rentals.