API v2 Webhook user account updated

Hello Lovely Webflowers,

Previously on API V.1 I was using the following solution to have notifications sent directly to me for changes to user accounts (also non developer here and really have to dig deep for understanding and solutions) - If I have remembered it correctly it worked a treat.

  1. create incoming webhook in logic (with it’s url)
  2. create token
  3. pop token into developer site bearer field (obviously logged in)
  4. pop in site id
  5. head over to create webhook
  6. select user account updated
  7. pop in webhook url provided in webflow logic at step 1.
  8. “try it”
  9. Head back to webflow site, change user data, and test.
  10. with captured information set up logic parameters for json data to send an email to me.

I can’t seem to get the same response with the V2 api’s and new app and I am wondering if I have missed a step?? changing the user data is not calling the user account info to logic so that I can set up the conditional for the info I need sent to me.

When I call up the “list webhook” in the developer site and check my site settings in webflow the webhook is there and I have double checked all the info…

What am I missing?? Anyone have any clues?

It’s important this works so any help would be appreciated.

P.S. my scopes are read only.

Thank you in advance.