News feed box creating links to staging not live

Hi folks…not sure where this belongs!

I have an odd thing whereby a site I’ve just started helping a client with - they have a box on the homepage which is basically a new module:
The issue is, as you can see if you scroll down to ‘School news’ is that it’s for some reason linking to the staging site URLs not the live site.
I’ve tried looking everywhere I can in all the settings but can’t figure out how to fix this.
In ‘Collection list settings’ it’s set to News as ‘Source’ which seems correct

Hi Andy!

Looks like you’re using the whole URL to link. Try using only the slug instead like so:


Which will automaticly link to:

On the production enviroment

And to:

In the staging enviroment!

Hey Rory thanks for reply, appreciate it. Yeah I figured it was a relative/absolute issue somewhere, I cant figure out where in the editor to change it though. I’ve gone through (I think!) everywhere and not seeing anyway of changing it.
For example, see attached which only lets me choose the source
Thanks so much!

Mind sharing a read-only link of your project?

Sure, thanks! Webflow - A&J School