Change my Collection's URL


I have built a website and hosted it, but I noticed that the collection page URL’s are still showing up as the random staging site name that was automatically generated and not with the new domain preceding them. I thought it would automatically update the URL with my real domain name.

How do I do this? Should I un-publish the staging site and only publish to the new domain?

I can’t seem to search to find the answer I need and hoping it is simple and quick!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @Verity, not sure if this helps however I’d start by checking the actual link itself.

Sometimes through the staging process, instead of directing this to the actual page, the specific link may be inserted instead menaing that it goes to the domain instead of the actual page - this can be tested by hovering over the link on the live website too.

If you’d like to provide a link to your read only site and the specific example where this is happening, happy to take a look also.

Thanks - I managed to fix it by manually updating the link addresses on the buttons. I thought it would just update them automatically or I would change them within the CMS line for each page but that wasn’t the case.
Don’t quite understand the logic of it !

Hi @Verity, great to hear. It does require some close attention sometimes, I always use the inbuilt system referring to pages/sections etc.

Otherwise, if you are manually entering links, you can use /blog/blog-post for example, as opposed to for example - which means it will go to the same area irrespective of the domain if that helped.

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