CMS still pointing to staging after publishing to domain?

Hey Webflow community,

I have just published a client’s site and having issues with the CMS collection lists on the pages still pointing to the staging link. I have checked the collection link and it has updated to the correct domain, and even rebuilt the blocks with the collection lists - but no dice! I feel like this is an obvious error, but can’t see anything and haven’t any resources on this via discourse forum / google search… :expressionless:

Site link below: Any pro advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Click to ‘read more’ on any one of articles to view error. These buttons are all getting links from the linked CMS collection…

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Can you also provide your read-only link so we can take a peek at how these links were set up?

Sure thing!

The link entered into the CMS field appears to be a staging address

Ah… I was looking at the slug and didn’t think to scroll down to check the link :person_facepalming:

Thanks team!!!

And you can use an HTML embed with the dynamic slug to automatically create the button.