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Newbie question: full screen image display?


unfortunately there’s no “stupid newbie questions” section in the forum, so I hope you don’t mind that I ask here… :wink:

Here’s my situation: I want to set up a personal portfolio website for my photography. I went from simple portfolio builders like Format to more flexible website builders like Squarespace and Wix but none of them offered the flexibility I want. So now I am looking into Webflow. I have a little fear that it might be to complex for my needs, but I do have a basic understanding of computer programming an think I will just try it and hope it will worth the time I spend learning.

But before I delve into it I just want to make sure that Webflow can do what I want. One thing that is really important to me is full screen image display in my image galleries. By that I don’t mean that the image fills the browser window but the browser window disappears and the image is sized to be as large as possible while still fitting on the screen (most images will have black bars left and right of course).

I already looked at many of the beautiful templates (free and paid) and I am surprised that none of them can do what I want “out of the box”. Is it easily possible to change a template so that it can do what I want?

Thanks for any help,


Hello @Lichtrausch, and welcome to the forum.

Webflow does not do this out of the box. You can only trigger fullscreen with custom code.

Something like this lib will help

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