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Help with my photography portfolio site


I am looking for a freelancer to help me with a little Webflow project. I will try to be as specific as I can possibly be, so you can decide best if you you are interested in working with me.

My situation:
I am an amateur photographer and want to set up a portfolio website. I tried out almost all portfolio building sites (Format, Pixpa, SmugMug, Zenfolio, you name it…) and even Wix and Squarespace. At some point I ran into problems with every one of them, so now I want to try out a more professional solution an I am checking out Webflow. I have a very basic understanding of how HTML and CSS work and feel confident that I can do some of the work in Webflow myself.

My idea on how I am going to start:
I plan on using the free account plan of Webflow with a basic hosting plan (12$ a month); spending more than that seems overkill for an amateur. I will not use a CMS plan to save costs but as my site will be very small (50 images to start with, 100-200 maximum at any time) I think this will be OK. I will buy a nice template as a starting point and try adjust it to my needs in Webflow.

What I need help for:
I definitely want to be able to display my images in a real full screen mode. What I mean by that is that the browser window, menu bar and all other elements on the screen disappear and only the image is displayed (fitting to the screen, with black bars left and right or on top and on the bottom, depending on the aspect ratio). I like the way Keenai does it, for example:

AFAIK this cannot be done with Webflow but requires coding, which I cannot do myself. I have no idea how difficult this is (please tell me!) but it clearly is possible (it is beyond me why 4 out of 5 portfolio building sites cannot do this!).

Other “requirements”:

  • I must be able to add and delete images and organize them into galleries myself
  • I want to have a “masonry” style gallery layout (the way Keenai or 500px do it). I do not want to crop all of my images to the same aspect ratio!

That’s about it. Please contact me if you are able to help me and tell me about your rates.

Thanks in advance!


Andreas, why you want this made in Webflow? You don’t want to use the CMS of Webflow and its 90% customcode?

I use to be a Nikon NPS / AP photographer… but that was in my younger days.
It takes a lot of energy to photograph people throwing rocks and bottles at you.

Well… technically (throwing) at someone else - but when you are always standing between the thrower and the target…
it sure looks like they are aiming at you. But It makes a really good picture though.

I too have used all the major photog services… but settled on SmugMug. It is what it is.
I’ve settled for crap because that’s all that was available.

You would need the following modules developed

Login / Logout
Category Management (CRUD)
Photo Management (CRUD)
Account Management (CRUD)
Photo Manipulation

You would also need the ability to upload photos to the server.

Since you want full screen images… you will need more disk space and bandwidth.

You can use the Webflow Designer to to construct the foundation of this system
but eventually you would need to export the site and start working with a scripting language
like PHP / CF / ASP and you would need a back-end database like MySQL.

This is not an inexpensive system to build.

You can go the cheap and unreliable Fivrr route… but you get what you pay for.

However, I’m not sure if anyone will be able to get the price point down to an acceptable number.

The only other possibility is for a Developer to build the system and offer it as a SaaS.

I’ve been designing and building websites for many years now, but am newer to Webflow. I’d have to agree with Revolution, this would require quite a bit of work to do as a custom build. The reason I know this is because I had a similar experience with the existing portfolio builders and decided to build my own SaaS portfolio system. You can check it out at It is super simple to add/delete/organize images, set up a masonry style layout, and you don’t need to crop anything. We have a “zoom” mode where the image is displayed on its own, but not a full screen mode where the browser is hidden… but I think that is an interesting idea. If you check out Exhibit and like it, hit me up on the chat on there and we could talk through what it might look like to add that feature in.

Thanks for all your replies. I guess what I want is a lot more complicated than I thought… I am sorry if I have wasted anyone’s time! For now, I will stay with one of the portfolio building sites…

@kbcouch: I will definitely try getexhibit as well, it looks very promising. A “real” full screen image display is very important to me, so I tend to go with SmugMug for the moment – but that decision is not forever…