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Full screen background image on front page?

Simple Q. I searched but didn’t find a step by step. I think it should be easy unless i am wrong. I am very new to Webflow so go easy please. :stuck_out_tongue: I would like to add 1 high resolution picture on the front page to create a minimal page. Ideally have it re size automatically on different devices. is this possible? Only thing I can up with was through a very old thread asking and they recommended making a container in full screen? How would you go about doing that if thats the case? Add a container and its short, manually put in the dimensions?

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Hi @cgmindd, this is very easy to do!

Simply create a section and give it a class, then in the height, manually type in 100vh. This will make it 100% of the viewport height. Then go to the background section and click the small picture icon to add the background image. Choose cover in the image settings, that will make it cover the section completely. You can then add any other elements you would like inside of that section. Good Luck!

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Awesome! Ill give that a shot!

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