Newbie Needs Help with Footer

Hi there! I’m new to all things webdesign. This is the first page I created when I began and I’m having issues with a couple things:

  1. My Div card sizes are not responding in desktop mode

  2. In Tablet on down the footer is not staying at the bottom.

I’m sure these are VERY easy fixes and I probably setup my page wrong, but I’d really appreciate your help!

Thank you, thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Charis - 2

Hi Emily,

Looks like you have the footer positioned to Absolute on tablet and landscape mobile. Change these both to Relative (like you have for desktop and portrait mobile) should do the trick.

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For the non-responsive Div cards, I would try using % as a size measurement rather than px. PX will be static as it is an absolute measurement, like millimetres or inches. Keep in mind % will be a percent of what the div is nestled inside. So if nestled inside a container that is 50vw (another handy responsive measurement) and you make the Div 50% it will be a net total of 25% of the screen width. Make sense?

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Sorry to ask another dumb question, but when I set the footer to relative it’s not landing at the bottom. What am I missing?

Thank you!

Hi Emily - sorry for the tardy response, I’m not on here much… Everything looks great, I can’t see the footer problem, did you resolve your issue?

And the only dumb questions are the unasked ones!

Scott, Yes! I believe I fixed it & have had a much easier time thanks to your tips!

I really appreciate your help.