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Footer won't fix to bottom of page


I’m having trouble getting my footer (class “copyright container”) to stay fixed on the bottom of the page. It looks okay on desktop, but overlaps with content on the responsive sites.

How do I keep text fixed to the bottom of the screen? And fixed to the bottom of the page/content?

Really appreciate the help - thank you!

Here is my public share link:

You’re asking two very different questions.

Keeping text fixed to the bottom of the screen is as easy as changing the positioning to Fixed and selecting the bottom.

Keeping it fixed to the bottom of the page/content can usually be done just be allowing the positioning on content and the target to be on Auto, which is what you have right now.

Right now, your page appears to be functioning as intended, to me. The copyright notice stays below all of the content, and only shows up when you get to the bottom of the page. It does that on desktop, as well as the other 3 views.

Could you maybe screenshot the problem you’re seeing?

@Cricitem - yes, that’s what I thought too. It looks like everything is okay in the Webflow preview.

But after publishing it and viewing it on a phone in both portrait and landscape, the layout is off. Here are the screenshots:

Mobile landscape

Mobile portrait

This is referring to the copyright container and text. Thanks!

Got you. As far as your holler page is concerned, switching the positioning on your copyright container to Relative will keep it down below the form. If you are having the same issue on other pages, that is likely what’s going on.

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