Still cannot figure out: Footer won't stay at the bottom of the page

First time using Webflow & creating a site.

My footer won’t stay at the bottom. I know others have this issue before and I tried the various suggestions found in the forum. But the footer seems to be pretty stubborn - it still won’t stay at the bottom of the page in screens smaller than the desktop.

Also, the footer (with the skin color filled) had gone way past the bottom of the page for mobile portrait view. Even though I used Absolute, bottom, for positioning.

Help please. Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey mate,

Delete all your position styles inside of your footer on all breakpoints and just use position: fixed, bottom on the parent container (in your case Footer).

Using position: absolute will result in other elements not respecting the box size of the positioned element. This will have a big and negative impact on responsiveness, so only ever use this if no other option is available.

Hope this helps

Got it! Thanks!!! :smiley: