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Newbie here - Avi from Israel 👋

Hello everyone!
Nice to meet, my name is Avi, I’m a UI designer from Israel :blush: I recently made the jump from Wix to webflow, I’m using it to build my portfolio website.
Well it’s not easy as Wix… I’m still working on my home page on mobile, I really hope it will worth the effort, At least it’s responsive and extremely fast :grin: (unlike Wix).

By the way I decided to build my site on webflow after I so Nelson’s videos, so Nelson if you seeing this keep up the good work and continue uploading videos of you building websites, it’s realy helpful :metal:

Hey @AviWhol

Welcome to Webflow! :webflow_heart: I’m sure @PixelGeek will be delighted to hear that.

Do check out Webflow University to learn about features or post here on the forum if you have questions. Cheers. Happy designing!

Hey @matthewpmunger thanks for the link :slight_smile:
I already using your university and I already watched your tutorial videos on Youtube a couple of times :grin:

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Welcome to Webflow @AviWhol!

If you need more besides the University, be sure to post it here on forums so we can figure out together.

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Thanks @gilson I really appreciate this :grin: