Redirect issue after publishing to many times

I’m still learning webflow so bare with me…

I just finished updating my website with blogs and went to publish it and now my browser says “to many redirects”… HUH? I did “publish” many times so maybe that’s the problem.?? I cleared my cache and used multiple browsers. Any ideas on how to solve this? My site is down until I figure this out.

Hi @creativeclicks you may have setup your domain name incorrectly. Can you please post your domain name? I’ll take a look into the issue.

It should be right. It was working just fine until I “published” to many times yesterday. Can redirecting get messed up by doing publishing a lot? is my domain name.

I see that you’ve set your root domain as your default domain. Make sure to follow this guide if you want to do that.

Otherwise, make your domain your default, then republish the site.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Oh. Good to know! I changed it and republished it, but it’s not working. Does it take time?

give it about 30 mins or check on a completely different machine or device that has never been to your site.

ok. will do. Thank you for your help as I learn all this.

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