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New website made in WF, would love feedback

Hey there !
Currently finishing up a new e-book website based on webflow e-book tutorial :
Hope you don’t mind if the site is only in french :S
Do you guys like this site ? Found any mistakes ?
Can’t wait to read your feedback !



I’m only seeing a 404. Something is not right.

Yep, sorry for this, was adjusting my domain name.
Should be fixed now :slight_smile:
Thanks !

Awesome! I like it. Don´t speak french though.
Did you use a template for that or did you do it from scratch?

Glad you like it :slight_smile:
I did it from Scratch, but the Webflow e-book tutorial helped me a lot.

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Blais, this is a very nice site! Love the work on typography.

If I have 2 cents to give… I’d put one on the title over the image, as the font could be lighter which would make it more elegant, it’s a bit bold for now. Second cent on the lettrine: you can achieve a real and “academic” lettrine very easily with Webflow, by giving a span to the first letter and style it like this: (example made in webflow)

Kudos, nice site :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for these tips, Vincent !
Good to know you like it :slight_smile:
Take care

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There is also something causing scrolling (vertical and horizontal) on the homescreen… can you check that too?

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Sorry to disturb, but after having wrapped the lettrine into a span, how can I achieve this academic big lettrine like in the example you’ve post just before ?
Thank you by advance,

Very nice site. Love the art.

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bad ass! Really like the flyout menu treatment.



Good job Blaise!

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Thank you again for your tips !
You rock !