New site live soon ! Looking for feedbacks

Hey guys,

I’ve been working on this for a long time now, and i’m now happy to show you the result :slight_smile:

The site is not live yet, we are now looking for feedbacks and bugs before the launch.
All the gifs / videos / animation are customs.
Credits for gifs goes to Loic Ougier a very talented guy.
@vincent also helped me looking through this amount of gifs and animation, special thanks to him for the advices.

Here are a few screenshot of the site

And of course the Webflow link HERE :slight_smile:


you already know my thoughts on this site :wink:

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@PixelGeek Ahah yes thank you it was really nice to see you discover it live :smiley:
You missed some 3D during your review here this is what I was trying to tell you :relaxed:

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WOW! I love all the movement!

You balanced it well with a very minimalistic approach and VERY smart interactions!

I also think the colors go very well with the fun and playful mood of the site.

I’m digging the shapes in the background!

Couldn’t find any bugs in Safari or Chrome so that’s good!

Awesome job! :100:

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YAY ! Thanks a lot @VladimirVitaliyevich , nice you didn’t find any bugs. Got a lot of issues on Safari with 3D…

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Lots of creativity here. Feeling good in this site :slight_smile:

Great job !


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Thanks @Blaise_Posmyouck :slight_smile:

Nice work!

Adjust your spacing on mobile

The text on your buttons are a little hard to read

As user, I use hope to see a logo on the top left to back to home page

Increase your line-height a little for better readability

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Hey thanks @AntonioBalderas

Thanks for your feedbacks !
Logo is on his way, it will be probably finished next week :slight_smile: and will definitely go at the top left

Thanks for the spacing on mobile, i didn’t noticed it.

About this

I’m not satisfied right now the way it looks, i’m thinking about a better way to integrate it.

This blog post can help you with typography

Maybe this give you an idea!

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I like the site. The animations are a little fast for me and the repetitiveness of them makes it hard for me to concentrate on the rest of the site. The one on the contact page made me want to avoid that page all together. I translated the site and appreciate it is creating games so I understand the playful nature of it. But I think less might be more as far as the animations. The ones at the top of the page are good as long as they are slow enough. But probably could use less for the body of the pages. My eyes needed to rest anyway. I love seeing all the new sites coming from the webflow community. Such creative stuff.

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Thanks a lot @AntonioBalderas , i’m not sure if it’s what i need i’m looking to find a nice way to put them in my page, maybe columns but maybe something different like tabs or i don’t know.
It’s not really about typography here i guess

Hi @jbleroux. Thanks you for your feedback.
Actually we talked a LOT about the animation and i was thinking just like you. I thought it was too much, and too hard to put the content before the design on this (because it’s still a commercial site and people need to figure out where to click etc.).

To be exact, the company is not creating games, they sell services for other companies and individuals. Basically they build a concept for you and they move to your place with existing table games and toys.

Anyway, just saying that become the Gifs illustrate the content here, we took actually a long time to make visual concepts around the ideas the texts develops bellow.

I guess it’s about making fun on this site, see the toys, play with animations, go back to your Childhood when you see the 90’s phone etc. The company want people to have fun when they visit their site because this is what they sell :blush: . So i changed my mind Gifs after Gifs :slight_smile:

Anyway you probably right that still a lot of images :smiley:

I’m not sure if this is worth noting because you may not be able to do anything to fix it, but when translated to english, “Home” appears twice in the menu.

Kind Regards, Paul

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I absolutely love this site. It’s really amazing. Bravo @zbrah c’est superbe! :clap:

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Hey @Paulie Hum i have no idea why it does that :smiley:
It’s not really that it appears twice, it’s more a wrong translation. On the second “home” it should be “professional”.
I guess it’s probably not the only word google miss translated on this page unfortunately :wink:

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Thank you !! Merci beaucoup @Anna_Kelian :bow:

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