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New website for pottery studio based on Free Incredible Template



Thank you webflow for making my life easier! I was able to recreate this website in less than 24 hours.

This is the old website that is on another cloud platform, Drupal Gardens that is shutting down service Aug 1

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Nice work. One thing you might want to consider is the sizing of the logo on smaller screens.

Thank you. I struggle with that. I was able to do pretty well on my own site www.macpheedesign but this is definitely something I"m working on. I change it on Mobile view and the change hits desktop.

Also, I can’t figure out how to change the background color from red on the hamburger menu. It’s probably a setting I need to overridd.

If you provide a share link, I’ll take a look

wow, thanks!

Hi @susanmacphee, I have a few suggestions:

  1. On Tablet viewport, give the Logo Link some styling like:

  1. On mobile landscape:

  1. On mobile portrait:

Results in:

I hope this helps! and p.s. nice site, so much better I think than the old one :wink:

Thank you so much Dave! The 20% and auto margins did the trick!

Question: how do I change the tap color of the hamburger menu from red to another color like my brand green?

Also, do we have control over the background color of the mobile menu? The grey is ok but I might want to switch that to white maybe.

Please enable your Webflow share link so we could help you out.

Thanks! That’s weird, I thought I did that

Ok, here’s the answer to the first question:

Can you specify what you mean by background color of the mobile menu … screenshots maybe?

Thanks. Sure, screen shot below. Here’s a funny question, how do you get that “Open” selector with the lightning bolt?

Here it shows the answer to your second question:

You are able to have the Current lightning bolt class when the navlink is registered to the same page you are on, therefore giving the current class.

Thanks. Still having a hard time with that. The site is only one page so maybe that makes it tricky.

Maybe I should get some food. I’m not seeing the solution on changing the background color on the drop down mobile nav either. I’ll try again later. Thanks!

Your share link isn’t working but I looked at the template. If you want to change the background color of the mobile nav from Red to something else. Switch to the tablet view or largest view where the mobile menu shows, open the settings tab (gear icon), click on the mobile menu, then in the settings click the open menu button…

…click over to the style tab, be sure you still have the mobile menu active…

…change the background color to whatever.


Thank you! You are great to point that out. I was having a hard time selecting the background, the settings access worked! Thanks to VladimirVitaliyevich too! :innocent:

@susanmacphee - nice work! I really like it.

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