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New To This. Everything is Overlapping!

Hey Everyone,

So this weekend I began creating my first ever webflow website for my social media agency. I’ve built wordpress websites before so I thought I could figure this out too. Things were going well, but then everything started overlapping. By this I mean sections above would overlap sections below and vice versa.

I tried editing margins and pixel size, but still I would change one thing and then things would begin to overlap again.

Also, any tips on making my website mobile responsive. If I change it on mobile, it shouldn’t change on the website version correct?

Any advice would be so greatly appreciated. Website (read-only) is linked below.

Thank you,

Here is my site Read-Only:

Good job on your site, its looking great so far.

I think your problem is around setting predefined heights on your sections and container elements, as well as a few div blocks with things nested inside. You should remove a defined height, and let the elements within define the height based on their size, this will allow for a more responsive interface.

Also I see you have some inconsistencies in your use of Sections, Containers, and Div blocks.

An easy way to design in Webflow is to use a Section first, then nest a Container, then nest your other elements. You can achieve the same thing with Div blocks, however the Sections and Containers already have pre-defined widths and are made to be responsive out of the box.