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New Site - Harbor Wellness

Harbor Wellness

Please check out my clients new site. Any feedback is welcome.



You should use an animated gif for your loading graphic… when these thing move it gives the user the impression that it is working on something… when it doesn’t it seems like it is stuck on something… I almost left the site before it loaded.


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Yup, same here. Took over 20 seconds.

I’m sorry to say, but i’m not a fan of the design and diverse places of lots of information.

I.m.h.o. what I’d do is check this site for some inspiration:

Pick a design I like and completely redesign the website accordingly.

Thanks guys,

I’ve made the loading… into a GIF so the perception is something is going on. I’ll upload to the site soon. As far as the flat design I agree but they wanted something much more attention getting yet professional and they didn’t care for the flat / clean look. They may go the other way someday but this is what the client wanted no what I wanted.

It’s nice.

If you need high quality photos, I recommend wallhaven.cc