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Latest design, feedback welcome

Integrative Health and Wellness Center

Before Re-design

I like it, although I might look into putting some more padding in the width of the body. Having the content the full width gives it a bad UX because my eyes are never directed to a certain point but jump around the whole screen because there is content everywhere. (I have a wide iMac monitor) Would also work on the quality of the hero image. Looks terrible on an iMac 4k Retina. But I do like the design. Very simple yet still enough. :wink:

Yeah I agree about the width, been going back and forth with how I want it to display, just not sure yet.

As for the hero image it looks fine on my 4k, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to. It does have an overlay on top of it to bring some separation between it and the content. Here’s the image without the overlay.

It must be different display settings on our computers for the 4k display. The picture looks awfully pixelated on my 4k screen. :confused:

But I woudn’t worry, when I use a Mac Book Pro with simply Retina Display the picture looks good. :wink::blush:

Good job! :grinning:

What a huge difference between the old site and new site!!! Good job @jwburkhard :slight_smile: :crown:

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