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Second Webflow Site. Tell me what you think

This is my second Webflow site but only the first to be published. Check it out and tell me what you honestly think about it. More content will be coming but this is the style.



Honestly, the colors of your site are very ugly, has many green glitter and heavy shadows. The typographies are very large, and some margins and spaces do not match a harmonious concept. It could be better because you know how to build and mount them sites. I suggest you visit https://webflow.com/gallery to inspire you.


Thanks for the feedback. The client wanted it to stand out in a way that spoke BEAST and stick with the color scheme of the Bus as well as the Seahawks colors. Didn’t have much choice but I’ll look things over.

Hi @Mike_Collison , thought I would chime in, actually, I like the colors and the imagery, but then I am looking at the context of your page, and I think it is appropriate to keep up a theme that also translates to your actual Bus… IMHO, but I think the look of your site, should also fit the context, and in this case, I think it looks fine… I guess it is personal preference on the colors I suppose, but it is not bad to me. Just thought I would mention that.

Some things I noticed you might look at:

The menu is acting a bit wonky:

And maybe have more contrast to your tiles, to make the text easier to read, by perhaps using some image overlay under the text that has a transparency, so you can still see the image below, but can see the text more clearly… :

Lastly, just a quick observation, you have the schedule at the bottom of the page, I would maybe consider rearranging that on the page, and make it a little more prominent, and perhaps also, give the slider an auto delay of about 4000 ms, so that it not slide so fast… you probably can do more with the slider too, perhaps introduce some small image to be shown on one half of the slider, an the other half your schedule content…

I am thinking, if I was going to go to a tailgating party, and watch football, I would probably want a litle loud website to look at, to get stoked while waiting for the event :slight_smile:

Cheers, Dave

Cool website! I like it! One question… How did you do to make two objects appear at the same time when clicking the menu button? I tought it was not possible in the interaction panel?

Good work! :smiley:


Thank you for your feedback Dave. I’ve moved the schedule section up and slowed it down. It was already at 4000 so I made it 5000 and changed the ease to 2000. Nicer feel.

I’ve added a border around the lightboxes. I didn’t like the way it looked if I used the common transparent white. We’ll see what the client things.

I still haven’t figured out the menu item you’re showing. It doesn’t do it within Webflow preview or when I publish it and look at it through Webflow. It only manifests itself on our web server. Tricky beast.


Thank you Daniel. Here is the public link for you to look at. I tied the menu interaction to the Hamberger item. I guess I didn’t know you couldn’t do it so I just did. :smile:


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Nice site. When I click on hamburger, social media bar appears at bottom and flutters like a bad fluorescent light. New ChromeBook

Thank you for telling me about that.