New Pricing & Plans missing details. Why?

I’ve been following the recent new pricing and changes being made and have been in contact with Dave @ Support (which he has been great to deal with).

Although I welcome the NEW pricing and the NEW CMS, but the last changes to the website that were made, has made things very confusing and unclear by removing lots of details that used display as part of the plans.
Not having those details available, we no longer know what we get with each plan and what we don’t. And at this point you have made it way too ambiguous to pay for a year in advance and not knowing what details we get. For example, you guys have removed the
# of static pages per site (With & without hosting),
# of Form submissions (With & without hosting),
# of Backups per site (With & without hosting) and other information.

Could you please put back these important information to each plan? I can no longer recommend Webflow to clients when details info. is missing. Please make the final changes before Nov. 1st. If it’s still confusing and missing all those important data, then we may have to go with another vendor that plans are spelled out.



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