Straight Scoop on Pricing?

I just discovered Webflow, and it looks really great. However, I am very concerned about the lack of information available about pricing. While the pricing plans ( look fairly straightforward, in reading the forums, apparently there are page limits and even limits to the number of site visits? I’ve also seen that you can supposedly design sites for free, but in reality, the free option seems to be limited to four pages…

Note that I am not concerned that the pricing is too high – I’m concerned at the lack of transparency in pricing. Will I suddenly find myself with unanticipated costs if I make a commitment?

Where can I find the straight scoop on Webflow pricing and limitations?

By the way, in looking at other CMSs that provide “full design control” (I place this in quotes because many claim to provide full design control, and definitely do not.) Webflow pricing appears to be reasonable and in line with similar applications. Webpop, for example, starts at $29.00 per month and goes up to $3,000.

The problem is that Webflow doesn’t seem to have worked it’s pricing model out, and, if it has, is being weirdly secretive. (If this is on the advice of the PR firm that caused you trouble during the CMS launch, get rid of the PR firm. Any good PR person knows that transparency is key. )

I’m still on the fence about becoming a customer. Another thing that would help a lot is if there was a person I could call with my questions. I really hate it when there are no direct contact methods. Makes me feel like I’m in for a swindle.

All that being said, I’ve been researching options for a CMS that offers full design control for four full days now, and I haven’t found anything that comes close to what Webflow offers in terms of its UI.

It’s a shame that, even after four full days, I’m still on the fence…

Hello, I have been working with Webflow from the start pretty much and I can tell you the only things not outlined as far as pricing goes on the pricing page you mentioned above is the form submissions, and CMS custom branding. Everything else is 100% transparent friend. The two things I listed are as follows:

  1. When you build a form in Webflow, we’ll automatically handle capturing all of your form submissions. You get 500 free form submissions a month and every submission after will be 1 cent each.

  2. The CMS allows for a generic whitelabel solution that removes all logos and references of Webflow and replaces them with a logo of your choice. Whitelabeled sites are an additional $10 a month on Starter and Personal plans, and $5 a month on Professional and Team plans. (Only applied when hosting plans are set up.) Note: to change other branding and publishing options, visit your hosting tab under 'Publishing Options '.

Thanks for the quick response! What about page limits? Those are mentioned several times in the forums. Can you clarify that there are no longer any page limits?

Thank you!

Okay sure not a problem :slight_smile: Here you go friend…

You can create up to 100 static pages per site on Personal, Professional or Team plans. If you need more pages, just contact us at and we’ll help you out. Free plans are limited to 2 pages per website, but once you set up a hosting subscription, you may create up to 80 pages. Note, you can create as many dynamic pages with our CMS as you’d like.

Thank you! That sounds really promising. I guess there must be a lot of outdated information in the forum…

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