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Portfolio redesigned and rebuilt for #May1Reboot

Hi All,

I am excited to share my redesigned and rebuilt Portfolio website for the #May1Reboot

I’ve launched it a few days early as I’m away on holiday for the next few days.



Hi Josh - AMAZING! Fresh as a daisy! Congratulations! :ok_hand:

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well dang. that is beautiful! :heart:

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Your first portfolio I saw on Webflow was already amazing, but this one even better. Great job @OvertonGraphics :slight_smile:

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hey man, it looks great. fresh and easy to navigate.

one little bug - when i hover over the projects ont the right of the screen - keeping time and breaking bad - the horizontal scroll bar shows because of the overflow from the scale-up.

the breaking bad illustration is insane. wow!

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Thanks, Yep lots of little UX things to fix. I had to rush it out the door for May1Reboot as went on holiday. Back now and will fix a lot of issues :slight_smile:

Thanks all!!